The White Boxxx – Lenina Crowne

Lenina Crowne – The Russian Mistress
Visually striking red-haired goddess Lenina Crowne is the mistress of her domain in the White Boxxx. Helpless Angelo Godshack and Tommy Cabrio are her erotic playthings in a relentless pursuit of sensual pleasure. Angelo is helplessly bound and made to watch as the blindfolded Tommy makes love to the lingerie-clad beauty in front of him. Once aroused he is used as her plaything while Tommy strives to satisfy her from behind. Angelo is finally released when Lenina needs him to make the threesome complete.

TheWhiteBoxxx.23.02.05.Lenina.Crowne.480p_s.jpg TheWhiteBoxxx.23.02.05.Lenina.Crowne.jpg

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