The Life Erotic – Serina Gomez

Serina Gomez – Double Fun 2
Smoking-hot Czech brunette Serina Gomez walks onto a stairtop landing wearing a backless black latex minidress, stocking-print pantyhose, and spike heels. Her makeup is subtly glamorous and her long silky hair swings loose. On the polished wood floor is a gift box, with a message: “Double The Fun”. She hunkers down and opens it to find two dildos – one is large, hot pink, and realistically shaped, with a smaller black toy strapped to its shaft. She licks them lustfully, then suckers them to the floor and strips off her dress to reveal gorgeous golden curves and perfect tanlined breasts. She turns to flaunt her firm, round ass, stroking her cheeks with a manicured hand before sliding it in between her thighs to tease herself through the sheer fabric. Next, she peels down the hose to expose her buns – again with stunning tanlines – and a rear view of her shaved pussy. Naked and barefoot, Serina kneels on the floor and detaches the smaller dildo. She trails it down her body to her slit, then pushes it inside of her wet hole. Thighs splayed and toes pointed she withdraws it to taste her cream, then gets on all fours. She reaches back to probe her snatch doggy-style, butterfly lips fluttering as she plows it in and out. Switching toys, she sucks and drools on the big pink dildo, then feeds it inside of her. It stretches her wide open, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. Clutching it by the shaft and balls, she raises one leg in the air, in a feline pose, then reaches around her thigh to pound herself from a different angle. Tweaking a stiff pink nipple as she reams herself deep and hard, her moans get louder and higher until she cums to an intense orgasm. Immediately calm, she lies in a state of quiet bliss, caressing her tingling body. Finally, she gathers up her new playthings and walks away…

TheLifeErotic.23.02.19.Serina.Gomez.Double.Fun.2.1080p_s.jpg TheLifeErotic.23.02.19.Serina.Gomez.Double.Fun.2.jpg

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