The Life Erotic – Kendra U – All I Ever Need 2

– Kendra U – All I Ever Need 2
Night is falling in the city and gorgeous redhead Kendra U has a horny hook-up planned – with total satisfaction guaranteed. She is lust-driven with an insatiable appetite, but her sex machine will keep her serviced until she can’t cum anymore. Dressed in a slinky black teddy, stockings, garters and spike heels – purely for her own pleasure – she struts into her bedroom.

The machine is already set up so she begins by caressing and oralizing the realistic dildo attachment, getting used to the size and feel of it as she tongues the shaft and sucks and slurps the head. Next, she unpops her teddy-crotch and masturbates her shaved pussy with manicured hands. Caged in sheer fabric cups, her perfect breasts heave with every sigh and moan as her pleasure builds.

Cut to Kendra lying prone on the bed, garter straps stretched taut against her pale, round ass-cheeks. Her pussy peeks out between them, already being plowed by the mock-cock. The machine is rhythmic, steady as it pistons the dildo in and out. Lost in bliss, Kendra spreads her buns and squirms against the bedcovers, long-nailed fingers grasping and clawing at the fabric as she seeks the perfect angle of penetration.

Meanwhile, the camera seeks the best views, taking in every explicit detail. As Kendra’s juices keep flowing, the thrusting shaft churns them into creamy foam and smears them on her cheeks and thighs. The motor isn’t quiet, but it’s not so loud it drowns out her ecstatic cries.

Next we find Kendra on her back, thighs parted – all the better for playing with her clit, as she switches the machine up to full speed and takes her hardest, fastest pounding yet. It’s nothing she can’t handle but the urge to cum is impossible to resist. Her fingers circle her engorged nub and, at last, she orgasms. The device immediately stops, its mechanical sounds replaced by Kendra’s deep breathing as she savors the afterglow…

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