The Life Erotic – Clio – Hairy Rub 2

– Clio – Hairy Rub 2
Pretty Clio strikes poses in front of a mirror, admiring her own slim curves wrapped in cutaway lace. She has an elfin look, with clear blue eyes, ass-length blonde hair, long, shimmering nails, and cute bare feet. Then the camera homes in on the open crotch of her bodystocking – it frames a hairy unshaved pussy and dark, full bush. Seated with her thighs splayed she teases herself, ruffling her pubic hair and stroking her thighs. Then she lowers her top to reveal small, quivering breasts with large nipples. Legs raised and pedicured toes pointed, she parts her fuzzy lips to expose the sensitive, moist pink between them. Sighing, she rubs her clit, fingertips circling her swollen flesh. Soon, Clio is masturbating with both hands, probing her snatch as she strums her clit. She slides forward, balanced on her feet and shoulders, then sprawls on the wood floor. The lens lingers on her crotch – left wild and natural, her pubes grow thick over her mound and spread up her inner thighs and ass crack, ringing her tight hole. Gazing at her own blissed-out expression in the mirror, she bucks and writhes on the floor, breathing in gasps and moans. Next, she is on her knees, bending over her chair and parting her cheeks as she fingerbangs her pussy. Then it’s back onto the floor, thighs splayed in front of the mirror, rocking her hips so she can watch herself screw. As her climax approaches she leans back, eyes shut, now focussed on pure sensation. In ecstatic oblivion she squirms against the wood, then clamps her legs together around her hand, keeping it in place as she orgasms. As she enjoys the afterglow, she grabs her breasts, gazes at her cum-drenched pubes in the mirror, and sucks her cream from her fingers. Finally, she kisses her reflection, leaving a lip print on the mirror…

TheLifeErotic.23.02.15.Clio.Hairy.Rub.2.1080p_s.jpg TheLifeErotic.23.02.15.Clio.Hairy.Rub.2.jpg

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