Playboy Plus – Playboy Germany Casino Night

Julia Prokopy, Olivia Peltzer And Veronika Klimovits – Playboy Germany Casino Night
Julia Prokopy, Olivia Peltzer, and Veronika Klimovits reveal their cards in this International Playboy feature from Playboy Germany from the photographer Sacha Eyeland. Get to know these three women, who are all 2018 German Playmates. First up, get reacquainted with Olivia, Miss September 2018. “A s a teenager, I was extremely shy and always looked for a way to express myself,” she shares. “One day, I realized: the biggest mask is clothes.

One of my best friends photographed me naked for the first time, and that gave me an incredibly liberating feeling!” Next, learn all about Veronika, Playboy Germany’s Miss April 2018. “I have been working as a model for seven years,” she tells us. “I love professional and private photo shoots [and] I love to share my photos!” See more Playboy International features like this here on Playboy Plus!

PlayboyPlus.23.02.11.Playboy.Germany.Casino.Night.1080p_s.jpg PlayboyPlus.23.02.11.Playboy.Germany.Casino.Night.jpg

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