Naughty Mag – Keely Rose

Keely Rose – Big-titted Redhead Keely Slips Out Of Her Sundress And Shows Off Her Shaved Pussy
Job: Server; Age: 24; Birthday: August 5; Height: 5’5″; Weight: 120 pounds; Bra Size: 36D; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Yes; BJs: Swallow, usually; Masturbate: Yep.

Keely is a girl who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. “I love hiking and swimming in the ocean,” she told us. “I can’t stand staring at my phone.?I would rather be outside breathing fresh air. I love to travel, too. I’m planning a trip to Thailand next year.

“I like wearing really girly stuff when I’m out at bars or wherever. I enjoy doing my makeup, too. I’m a girly girl at heart. I like guys who make me feel special and cute. I’ve dated a few older guys who spoiled me with fancy, expensive dinners and gifts. That’s my favorite type of guy. I like ’em older and rich! I guess that makes me picky, but I like what I like.”

PornMegaLoad.23.02.16.Keely.Rose.Solo.38559.1080p_s.jpg PornMegaLoad.23.02.16.Keely.Rose.Solo.38559.jpg

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