Modern Day Sins – Charlotte Sins

Charlotte Sins – Mad Fuckers: Blowing Off Steam
Robby Echo is at home when his wife, Charlotte Sins, arrives looking angry and frustrated. It turns out that she just lost her job, and she’s pissed. In fact, she was fired for unfair and political reasons that had nothing to do with her!

Robby listens attentively as Charlotte vents her frustrations about her ex-workplace, such as how the boss would exhibit favoritism towards certain employees and how she wasn’t treated the same because of her gender. Robby reassures her that she’ll have no trouble finding new employment- ANY company would be lucky to have her. But he knows just how riled up she can get during these situations, so he offers to let her blow off some steam by having rough sex with him. She can take out ALL of her pent-up anger on him, and of course, he’ll take it with a smile.

Charlotte greatly appreciates her husband’s thoughtfulness and support- he REALLY gets her. And come to think of it, a little bit of energetic fucking might be JUST what she needs. They have intense sex in the living room, with Robby letting Charlotte lightly dominate him in multiple ways including shoving him against the wall as she jerks him off and shoving her ass into his face for some deep rimming. Now that’s ONE way to blow off some steam!

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