Met Art – Stella Cardo

Stella Cardo – Drops
Stunning Stella Cardo is perfectly naked in her luxurious bathroom, running her hands over her voluptuous body. She watches herself in the mirror as she strokes an ice cube against her beautiful big breasts so it melts and the water trickles down her luscious curves. Hips rocking suggestively, she dances and teases, before tying her long blonde hair up in a ponytail and stepping into the shower. The cascading water makes her sexy round ass cheeks glisten, and streams through the intricate folds of her shaved pussy. Soaking her breasts, she presses those natural wonders against the glass, her nipples so hard.

23.02.14.Stella.Cardo.Drops.1080p_s.jpg 23.02.14.Stella.Cardo.Drops.jpg

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