Laras Playground – The Lara Cure Part 2

Lara Latex – The Lara Cure Part 2
I know what floats Jimbos boat and this is one of those outfits. I did feel extremely sexy in it and so we decided to do a bit of roleplay. This didn’t last very long to be honest, as I needed cock and there’s no one as hungry as me, when I’m hungry for cock. So being teased and made to play with myself whilst Jimbo wanked, turned me into a tiger who hasn’t found any prey on the savannah for a couple of weeks. I didn’t mess around, I didn’t tease the tip of his cock, I just pounced and rode him mercilessly and orgasmed on his dick

LarasPlayground.23.02.17.The.Lara.Cure.Part.2.1080p_s.jpg LarasPlayground.23.02.17.The.Lara.Cure.Part.2.jpg

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