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Sakura Aoi – Sakura Aoi Meets An Old Lover For Coffee And She Ends Up On Her Knees
Quite a while ago we brought you the story of Miss Sakura Aoi and how she is a mature housewife married to a nice man but went to meet an old friend for coffee. He really was a lover of hers many years ago when she was young and single. But now she is older and married. Things have changed a lot between then and now but once these two got together they could not forget all the fun they had together. They were reminded of how much they enjoyed each other sexually and Sakura could not help herself and wanted to feel that young and free feeling again so she made love to him all afternoon.

She loved every minute of being naked in his arms and having him love her like she was that young girl again. And now that it is time to return to her home and normal life as a married woman her old lover asks her to do one thing before she leaves. He pulls her in close and lets her feel that his cock is still hard for her despite putting it in her holes all afternoon. Sakura feels his hard cock and is turned on enough to let him pull her down to slip off his underwear to expose his erect member. She grabbed a hold of it thinking she could jerk him off some but he pulled her down to his cock’s level and let her know that she needed to slip that cock in her mouth and then look up at him in her eyes as she wrapped her hands around it and jerked it off in her mouth. What fun to see her with her mouth full of hard cock and as a grand finale to the afternoon he unloads his whole load of cum in her hungry mouth! This is an excellent video you must see!

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