Japan HDV – Maki Koizumi

Maki Koizumi – In The Hot Springs With Maki Koizumi And A Lover Of Sexy Nude Japanese Women
Hot springs in Japan are full of naked women! Sometimes they are older women and sometimes they are sexy hot young women with great tits like Miss Maki Koizumi. We have seen this angel before in her lesbian fuck shows with other hot Japanese women and even as a bathroom cleaner sucking men off in the toilet. But this is the first time we get to see her out in nature enjoying the hot springs. What a lovely body she has and it is so perfect. We could watch her relax in the hot springs all day and just jerk off as she does. She looks fantastic by herself in the water but today she gets a visitor to accompany her. A man with a fetish for sexy hot women joins her and sits next to her in the springs. She is not shy at all as he pours water on her back. She seems to enjoy the attention and he enjoys watching her boobs shake as she moves. He suggests that he sit behind her to spalsh water on her body and then he reaches around to grab her tits and pinch her nipples. This is what he is there for as he kisses her neck and rubs her nipples. She loves the play and is now getting horny with all that nipple rubbing. He pulls her back to kiss her mouth as he continues to stimulate her nipples. But now he is interested in her pussy so he stands in front of her and stands her up to reach down between her legs and finger her pussy. This is something they both enjoy as he slips his fingers inside her. She grabs a hold of his now hard cock and… Go watch the full video to see what our lovely Maki does next as she sits down in front of him and his cock.

JapanHDV.23.02.14.Maki.Koizumi.1080p_s.jpg JapanHDV.23.02.14.Maki.Koizumi.jpg

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