Japan HDV – Luke Ichinose

Luke Ichinose – New Office Girl Miss Luke Ichinose Gives The Office Manager A Blowjob
Japanese babe Miss Luke Ichinose is the newest office lady to come to this downtown office. She is new so not well known. She is trying her best to fit into the new office and learn everyone’s names and how the office functions. This is not so easy in a large office with so many things to learn besides office practices. She has learned from pervious experience that the best thing to do is jst really get to know the office manager best and learn from them what is best to do. Today he seems a bit down and he admits to being a bit tired. Luke has decided to make sure she is invaluable in the office and offers to rub his shoulders to relieve some of the tension that he is feeling. He seems a bit apprehensive at first but then decides that it feels so good to get his shoulders massaged by a lovely woman that he allows her. She seems intent on making sure he feels great and she then starts to unbutton his shirt and massage his whole upper body. She has her hands all over him and he is loving it! She seems to be gettin a bit horny with all this touching and she decides to investigate his lower region so she slips her hand down there and starts to massage his growing cock. He is now fully erect and she wants to see so she unbuckles his belt and unzips his trousers and pulls them down and she now sees his hard cock inside his underwear. Her mouth starts to water for his cock and she pulls his underwear off and from there.. GO see what she does next! You are going to love the POV as he looks down on her sliding his rod deep into her mouth.

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