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Erena Mizuhara – Erena Mizuhara Is A Japanese Housewife That Likes College Men To Fuck
Miss Erena Mizuhara is a typical Japanese housewife. She is always busy at home doing chores and fixing meals for her husband. Her husband is often away though as his job requires that he be out of town a lot for business. She lives in an apt building with many college students. Today while cleaning outside her apt she sees one and asks him to please help her as her husband is away and she really needs help. As she was just outside her apt she is just wearing a house shirt and no bra underneath. It is obvious to all that she is braless as her nipples are quite clearly seen through her very sheer top. She notices that he can not keep his eyes off of her breasts so he says he will try to help her and fix her TV if he can. What is really happening is that he has come in to her apt to watch her breasts some more and she has invited him in as she loves college men and since her husband is away she would like a college man to lick her a bit. Since he is in her apt sitting so close to her on a hot day she offers him something to drink which she accidentally on purpose drops some on her top and now her nipple is clearly visible. And now this college dude wants to reach out and grab her tits and suck on her nipples. That sounds like an excellent plan and now he can not control himself and grabs her and starts touching her breasts and she tells him to calm down starts to kiss his mouth. This is going to be an exciting afternoon for this college dude!

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