GirlsWay – Maya Woulfe And Spencer Bradley

Maya Woulfe And Spencer Bradley – Wank From Home
Spencer Bradley and Maya Woulfe, a couple who work from home, have recently been deadlocked in a debate over which of them is the better lover. They decide to settle this debate once and for all with an endurance test: they will pleasure each other simultaneously and whoever holds out the longest before climaxing will be the winner!

They want to settle this IMMEDIATELY, but they each have imminent video calls with clients… That’s not enough to deter them, though. Instead, upping the stakes, they decide to perform the endurance test DURING their work calls.

As they settle in and take their work calls side-by-side, they sneakily finger and pleasure each other just below the camera’s view. Each of them try to retain their composure while hiding what they’re doing from their clients… but it’s clear that this won’t be over until someone comes out victorious!

GirlsWay.23.02.16.Maya.Woulfe.And.Spencer.Bradley.1080p_s.jpg GirlsWay.23.02.16.Maya.Woulfe.And.Spencer.Bradley.jpg

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