Frolic Me – Sofia Lee

Sofia Lee – Trust
The tease of waiting is erotically presented in this controlled BDSM dungeon sex video.

In silence, she waits for her master as instructed; legs pressed together, head bowed, hair loosely tied back. He likes to see her neck, that long curve of her throat that’s where he’ll put his hands first.

To be given pleasure, you must obey. Those were his orders, written clearly in the contract she’d signed and paid for. So now she waited, as instructed, for BDSM dungeon sex with her male dom.

She heard the clip of his shoes on the stone floor before she saw him and felt his hands on her. Steve owned every inch of the dungeon and her as he entered the room, dressed immaculately in a white shirt and black waistcoat. He missed nothing as he pulled her head back to examine his new toy, leather paddle in hand. Not the clench of her legs nor the haze of her eyes.

She was his.

And it was time to play.

A sensual erotic BDSM dungeon sex video featuring restraints, stocks and spreader bars, this XXX porn film is a beautifully naughty exploration of kink and submissive play. We hope you enjoy.

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