Exploited College Girls – Venice – I Don’t Care If My Boyfriend’s Jealous

– Venice – I Don’t Care If My Boyfriend’s Jealous
Were do I begin? Ummmmmm, well let me just say this – HOLY MOTHER OF ALL FUCKERS everyone and the sky is not the limit for this girl because she’s already a shooting star, a supernova explosion, and if you want to see her debut anal casting? Well, it’s over at BackroomCastingCouch.com and of course she took it up the ass like all good submissive sluts do. It’s titled: “How We Fucked The Pizza Deliver Girl,” and yes, Cam delivered this pizza delivery girl some Painal for a creampie pussy filled good time and now she’s here on the ExCoGi bed to take on Tyler Nixon and I think she suspects it will be more intense than her debut.

Just a hunch but as we get to know Venice it becomes apparent rather quickly this girl’s special and we kept her around for 6 fucking shoots because Venice likes to be degraded a bit and wants to experience everything. And when I mean everything I mean everything. 1st Girl/Girl experience on camera over at our new site ExCoGiGirls.com with the sexy Megan Marx. Then it’s her 1st Black Cock ever at BBCSurprise.com with Isiah Maxwell followed by her 1st 3some with two guys back at ExCoGi. Tyler just loved this little spinner of a girl and having her back for a marathon Anal pounding was just the ticket also that I’m sure her boyfriend back home won’t approve of. He also most definitely won’t approve of the just mentioned Analing with Tyler because it turned into a DP halfway through the sex when Cam stopped by unannounced to drop off content and we convinced her to take one in the pink and another in the stink for her first ever Double Penetration. We just love surprises don’t you? But today you’re going to want to watch every single fucking second of this one. Her interview is quite entertaining when she tells the story of her first GG experience back in high school and her girlfriend used a strap-on dildo during a sleepover . . . and need I say anymore? She also states she’s a submissive that likes to be verbally degraded and is open and willing to try anything. Well we’re not pussies here and we took full advantage of her open and willingness obviously and took full advantage to exploit all her holes during her visits to Arizona. So let’s count the firsts shall we? It’s her 1st time being naked in front of strangers and newbies rock because she has her first of 6 orgasms today by just having Tyler rub that beautiful little slit of hers at (14:16). Precious, and the tachometer for today starts revving up when she has her second O while Tyler’s probed and tongue felt her from the inside at (19:55). Just guessing but I don’t think her boyfriend’s going to like or want to watch any of the videos she made with us. Just saying because this girl’s addicted to great sex now and orgasm #3 shook the house when Mr. Black Shirt used the Magic Wand on her little pussy as Tyler choked the fuck out of her at (24:31). Her next orgasm, O #4 happened at (36:31) as Black Shirt used the Magic Wand again on her as Tyler pounded her Face Down Ass Up in Doggy. She’s got a great ass and arch, and I think she’s in love with the Magic Wand now. Next it’s Reverse Cowgirl, but when Tyler put her in a Full Nelson . . . well O #5 was released and she screamed she was cumming while her feet flailed about, toes curled and all. Hot! Just fucking hot and this alone could have been the video, but next up it was also her first ever Face Fucking and Tyler fucked that face to Tears of Joy at (48:06). There’s also lots of Pussy/Ass farting at (47:11, 49:15, 49:27) while said Throat Gagging and Fucking ensued but I loved it when her Butt Hole puckered in and out at (47:54) and this girl loves to be used. Next Tyler told her to lick his ass and when she confirmed her boyfriend’s going to be really jealous about it and she doesn’t give a flying fuck or care! WOW! And she says it with an ever-present happy smirk on her face and again HOLY FUCKING WOW people. Because as I watched her tongue probe his hairy asshole with glee, my dick got so fucking hard a cat could scratch it’s claws on it and this solidifying and tender boyfriend/girlfriend relationship building moment occurred at (50:40). Now of course there’s the standard Cowgirl and Jockey Position, my favorite positions ever BTW. But Tyler was so into her and wanted to impress Venice that he picked her up and fucked her in Standing Position. Impressive buddy, and as you all have been requesting Mr. Black Shirt and his magical whispering fingers make their presence again. So it shall be with her first ever Squirting and orgasm #6 happened at (1:05:50) and I don’t think I have ever seen a more satisfied look on a girls face, paired with the most beautifully soaked pussy at (1:06:22) than Venice’s face right then and there. Well maybe the look of pure pleasure when Tyler licked her ass after fucking her in the Butt Burger Side Position at (1:15:07) might compare because this girl’s pussy is gorgeous, and a star is born. Oh and her Facial and how she sucked and tasted Tyler’s man seed after he unloaded on that baby bird, open mouthed beautiful face is how every young girl should be taught to suck cock and take a facial. Again, A STAR IS BORN everyone and releases 3 to 6 are cumming. So safe travels and until next weeks update, tootles. Steve

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