Evolved Fights – Rebecca Vanguard

Rebecca Vanguard – Rebecca Vanguard Vs Ruckus
Poor Rebecca Vanguard has not had any luck winning matches on our mats. So she has called out Ruckus after seeing his first few matches where he lost and thinks that because she’s long and lean, he might have trouble with her. Rebecca uses her long beautiful legs to get some sweeps and get top position and take advantage of Ruckus while he’s pinned. However, Ruckus has a lot more experience than Rebecca and those first matches he lost are long in the past. Ruckus shows how he’s evolved his game. He’s learned from his losses and he’s ready to slay some pussy today. This is a true sex fight with back-and-forth passionate snuggle struggling. The winner fucks the loser against the wall and on the bench. Rebecca takes the cock she’s been chasing for 3 rounds and she loves it.

EvolvedFights.23.02.17.Rebecca.Vanguard.Vs.Ruckus.1080p_s.jpg EvolvedFights.23.02.17.Rebecca.Vanguard.Vs.Ruckus.jpg

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