Eva De Vil – Agonizingly Slow Countdown

Eva De Vil – Agonizingly Slow Countdown
I want you to have been pumping to my clips for at least an hour before you dive into this one. My sheer lingerie is gonna wreak havoc on your self control but you have to hold on until I whisper the final digit, preceding a long, intense orgasm.

Stroke for my sexy, little bush and my sweet moaning. I want that orgasm to be intense. I know you’re gonna feel so triggered as soon as I start counting. You’re hardwired to expect a climax at the end of a countdown and you can’t fight your physiological response to it. Your body starts to clench and your balls tighten up. You’ll have to focus hard on not cumming until I give you permission.

When I see you’re panting desperately, I make you beg me to start the countdown. It’s agonizingly slow and sensual. I coax and tease you between each number, having you teeter on the edge until you explode.

I give you a little praise at the end of the clip. I want you to watch this again soon so that you train yourself to last through the whole countdown every time for me.

EvaDeVil.Presents.Eva.De.Vil.An.Agonizingly.Slow.Countdown.1080p_s.jpg EvaDeVil.Presents.Eva.De.Vil.An.Agonizingly.Slow.Countdown.jpg

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