Dick Drainers – Mini Stallion

Mini Stallion – Dreamin’ About Stretchin’ Her Tight Lil’ Holes
Mini doesn’t know what it is. But she’s been up all nite. It’s been impossible to get sum shut eye. And it’s really fuqn irritating.

She was up all night watching dumb movies and talking on the phone. Didn’t get tired. They just helped her realize she needs to cancel her Internetflix account.

But now its daytime and she STILL can’t go to bed…

Talking on the phone doesn’t help. Reading doesn’t help.

Maybe television again? A different app mite work?

Could be the app or her lil body finally tiring out, but Mini’s eyes finally shut and she falls asleep.

Good thing too. Cuz now she doesn’t know if she’s dreaming….or if a masked man really came in her room….

DickDrainers.23.02.15.Mini.Stallion.1080p_s.jpg DickDrainers.23.02.15.Mini.Stallion.jpg

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